View360 Insurance Advisory

View360 Insurance Advisory is a wealth advisory firm dedicated to delivering certainty, financial security and improved financial plans. We are easy to communicate with and dedicated to using easy to understand non-technical language.

We value our clients and the long term relationships that result over time. This motivated us to create a corporate culture that allows our advisors the time needed to take a holistic supportive approach for our clients, resulting in very fulfilling long term advisor-client relationships.

By design, we created a firm that has the resources of a large national firm combined with very high levels of professionalism and service, without any internal pressures from third party stockholders pushing a corporate agenda onto our advisors and clients. We are truly independent.

The end result? A private-banking style service with highly satisfied clients.

“Lee and View360 Insurance Advisory did a great job for us when we merged with another firm. He collaborated with us and our new partners along with our tax and legal advisors during our shareholders’ agreement review. This led to insurance planning to fund our agreement. Next, together with his group benefits consultant he assisted in merging our group plans into a comprehensive plan that addressed different classes of employees with additional integration of executive benefits for me and the other owner’s unique needs. This was an advanced project that included some roadblocks with underwriting challenges. However, Lee and View360 Insurance Advisory applied their capability and experience, paid close attention to detail and methodically dealt with the insurance companies until I was delivered a solution that perfectly fulfilled my needs.”

–David Larkin, CTO, Make IT Solutions